Lesbian Wedding Rings: A Shopping Guide

Lesbian Wedding Rings: A Shopping Guide

The ancient Egyptians believed that the wedding ring represented eternity, the circle symbolizing a couple’s undying love. No matter what you believe, your wedding ring will be an everlasting symbol of your union. It’s important that it last as long, and be of the same quality as your relationship. Once you’ve set a budget, now the fun begins! The following is a quick guide to get you started.



Rainbow wedding ring

It’s best to start with what will be the most expensive element of your wedding ring, the stone. There is a wide array of precious and semi-precious stones to choose from. Some choose to stick with a traditional diamond, but more and more women are opting to infuse a bit of color and PRIDE into their wedding ring choice. For more information on rainbow stone options you can check out our article Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry: An LGBT Pride Trend.

While many women like the shine and traditional look of diamonds, you may take issue with flaunting a conflict diamond. There are diamonds and precious stone jewelry providers that mine from conflict-free zones. Asking the sales person or customer service agent is the best way to find out the status of your stones. If they don’t know, then it’s probably a conflict stone.

Of course, diamonds are not the only precious stone option in wedding rings these days – the options are literally endless with sapphire, spinel, emerald, and a number of other durable precious stones available.

Another option is lab-created stones. These are stones that can come in a much wider variety of colors, sizes, and shapes and most of all you’ll know exactly where they come from.



Pink triangle ring

Long gone are the days of choosing between yellow and white gold. There are tons of metals to chose from. If you plan on have an extravagant stone set then your best choice is gold, as it is harder and more durable than silver. If you do choose silver, make sure it is rhodium plated – this will significantly increase its durability, although you should still clean it with a special jewelry cleaning cloth at least once a year.

If you want to go all out, then platinum is a choice to consider. On the cheaper end, there are many alternative metals available on the market, like tungsten or titanium. Whatever you choose, your ultimate goal should be avoiding a nasty green ring on your new wife’s finger. It’s important that you choose quality metals from respectable jewelers.

Where To Shop:

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If you take the time to do your research then you’ll be able to get a beautiful piece that will fit within your budget. Stick with reputable jewelers. More and more brand name jewelry companies are providing pieces that cater to the LGBT community. If that isn’t your style, then a smaller jewelry supplier may be a better fit for you. Sites like Etsy and Pinterest can provide you with the resources to find trustworthy jewelers that cater especially to the LGBT community and will be willing to customize a piece that will be a unique reflection of you and your partners everlasting love.

The most important thing to keep in mind as you set out on this journey is that you get what you pay for. Dropping a fortune on your engagement ring and/or wedding band isn’t necessary.  A little legwork and a lot of research will help you discover a wedding ring that will shine throughout your entire relationship!